Sexual Assault Counselling Australia uses feedback to improve the services offered.

You can provide feedback in a range of ways:

  • Writing to us
  • Speaking with us
  • Completing an online feedback survey

Writing to us

Service Manager

Sexual Assault Counselling Australia

PO Box 555

Drummoyne NSW 2047


Speaking with us

Sexual Assault Counselling Australia

Phone: 1800 211 028

Hours of operation: 8am – 11pm, Monday to Friday

Your details will be taken so the Service Manager can call you back during business hours.

Feedback Survey

Sexual Assault Counselling Australia is a national Royal Commission Support Service provided by Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia. 

Online feedback surveys are available via the Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia website: 

Your time in completing a feedback survey is very much appreciated. Before you complete a survey, you should know: 

  • Completing the survey is completely voluntary; 
  • You can choose to not to answer any question; 
  •  Your answers are completely confidential; and 
  •  You will remain anonymous.